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One of the joys of my retreat work is to present Sacramental Reflection Days and Sacramental Evenings in primary schools.

Using the gift of music and a wealth of experience gained in the area of liturgy I combine music, ritual, parent / child conversation and an engaging visual presentation on the Sacraments including Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Parents and teachers are often inspired by the wonderful responses given by the children as we all reflect and enjoy some quiet time away from our busy lives.

For more information about the Sacramental Evenings please call Maria on 0411158593 or email Maria on


Grade one / two teacher from Our Lady of Lourdes Bayswater:

We were learning about choices in RE today. I read a story that finishes with the parent saying 'I love you even though you wear me out!' At the end of the story Johnny said 'Thats like what Maria taught us last night... that our parents always love us even when we do the wrong thing. And so does Jesus' I nearly cried!! How lovely!! Even our juniors got something out of the night!! Thanks !!

'Maria Forde brings her spirit, warm personality, deep faith, authenticity, musical talent and wonderful voice to our school community, as she facilitates parent and children sacramental programs.

Parents and children are engaged and responsive to Maria as she tells stories, sings and plays the guitar, explains the rich symbolism and meaning of our sacraments and invites our community to prayer. Maria does so with a simplicity, authenticity and deep conviction.

As a community we look forward to Maria’s parent/child sacramental programs each year and walk away enriched in our understanding of our Catholic story, the Sacraments and our faith.'

Anthony McCluskey


St Mary Mac Killop Primary School

Keilor Downs

'Thank you for helping our children see a little more of themselves and for the gift of music you have shared' Mary Immaculate School Ivanhoe

'I want to thank you for a wonderful presentation. You guided us through the Sacrament in a spiritual, reflective and engaging way. I think everyone present was tuned into what you were doing. Our PP loved it and spoke so highly of the evening and told his parishioners.'

Rachele Oliver

Deputy Principal

St Andrews School

South Clayton

To book your 2019 Sacramental Days or Evenings please contact Maria on 0411158593 or

Please enjoy a selection of songs that I wrote to assist children with understanding the Sacraments